How Ab sold his 7-hour Bubble build for $43k

Ab was busy pitching his latest app to a data security consultant when he realised the consultant wasn’t listening. Instead he was worried about a problem his clients were facing…

How Ab sold his 7-hour Bubble build for $43k
Ab Advany has been building with Bubble for 4 years.
Like many Bubblers, he's prone to building entire apps on a whim and only then trying to sell them.
On this day, Ab was deep into pitching his latest app to a data security consultant. His app turned documents into courses with AI.
The consultant didn't seem to be listening.
Instead he suddenly asked a question.
"Our clients are swamped with data removal requests. Can your software help?"
He clearly didn't understand Ab's app at all and was going off on a tangent.
But instead of shutting him down, Ab decided to humour him.
"Tell me more".
The consultant started talking about how he wanted an app to help his clients manage their data requests, and mentioned he had asked a developer agency about it.
They'd quoted 200,000 euros and 3 months to build it.
Ab started listening harder.
"What are the specifications?"
Turns out it was pretty simple - a basic portal hosted on client domains where employees could log and track data requests.
The consultant's biggest worry was paying the developer to build it and finding out none of their clients wanted it.
They talked for 30 minutes and then ended the call.
Ab thought it was an interesting idea and estimated it would take him a week to build.
One Saturday he arrived at the office at 10am, fired up Bubble, built a UI using Frames, and used his own service Coalias for the custom domains.
By 3pm the app was almost complete.
A couple more hours on Sunday and it was ready.
But instead of calling the consultant, Ab called someone he knew in data security and pitched them the new app.
They were interested. Ab told them it would be 3,000 euros per year for a licence.
They agreed.
Ab had his first paying customer.
Returning to the consultant, he played his trump card.
"I've built the app... and I already have someone paying for it."
Ab was a little worried that the client might accuse him of stealing his idea.
But it was the opposite. The client was just happy Ab had built it and found a customer.
Ab asked if they'd like to buy the whole app, with the customer.
They agreed on $43,000 plus a 10% kickback for every client they signed.
Ab sent him an invoice for the asset transfer - just the Bubble app, it didn't even have a custom domain - and he promptly paid.
And that's how Ab Advany made $43k from 7 hours of building.
“The complex stuff wasn’t the technical part, it was the scoping. You can build stuff so quickly in Bubble.”

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