From top lawyer to full-time no-code operator and educator

Vensy Krishna left her career as a top lawyer to become a no-code operator and educator soon after discovering no-code on Twitter in late 2020. Since then she’s launched several projects, hosted events, and spoken at the United Nations and Google.

From top lawyer to full-time no-code operator and educator

Briefly introduce yourself

I’m Vensy, a no-code operator and educator, currently in India. I studied one of the toughest undergrad courses in the world, graduated in the top percentile at the country’s premier law school, and ran two successful startups. For eight years, I learned and used tools such as Wordpress and Zapier without knowing the term ‘no-code’.
Once I found the community in 2021, I dove right in and pivoted my career.

Describe your career journey prior to discovering no-code

I found the no-code community through Twitter in late 2020, and it was very tiny back then. I challenged myself to learn something new in the no-code space every single day and by the end of month 1, I had a fully functional app with a team and users. I launched a few projects for fun and for limited purposes before finally applying for a full-time role at On Deck, leading candidate ops for half the programs.

How did you discover no-code?

As a non-technical person, no-code was always very promising. My aha! Moment was when I learned the power of using google sheets to create full-fledged apps. I started with Bubble so I knew what was possible with no-code tools, but tools like Glide were game changing in their speed.

Describe how no-code has changed your career trajectory

2 years ago I was a lawyer. Today I’ve successfully broken into tech, worked with silicon valley’s fastest growing startups, spoke at the United Nations, Google, and even a conference with Trevor Noah. This was possible because of the projects I was able to build with no-code.

What were the biggest challenges to learning no-code and making the career change?

When I started, there were no structured educational programs so I learned through building. But this helped me become a better educator and mentor. While this was an ideal learning method for me, it might be challenging for someone who is more comfortable with courses and structured exercises.

What were your biggest lessons learned?

The world is changing rapidly, so keep learning each day.

What’s your plan for the next 5 years?

I want to become the best no-code teacher in the world.

What advice would you give to others hoping to change careers the way you did?

Keep building, keep shipping, and keep showing up. Take the help of the community, and find a mentor who can guide you.

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