Making an app for users to share daily actions towards goals

This is a cool little app designed to help users share their achievements and progress towards their goal with others. I'm actually quite proud of how it turned out, as it's not exactly what Glide is built for.

I got over-excited and forgot to validate my idea

I broke the first rule of startups - validate your idea before you build it. This is the story of how one conversation led to three months of work and a product which I love... but I'm not sure others will.

An interview with the No-Code Life founder

An interview with one of the founders, Kieran

Adding subscription payments with Stripe to a Bubble app

I'm currently building a web app called Revu using and today I wanted to add the functionality to take subscription payments. I didn't really find any good tutorials so I thought I'd write down my steps in case it's helpful to anyone else.

Maker Interview: Sharath Kuruganty

“You don’t need to wait for anyone. You just need a learning mindset.”

How to use custom fonts in Bubble

A quick tutorial on how to use custom fonts in, storing the file on Bubble's own servers.

Carrd for beginners

In half hour, I will show you a complete beginners guide to creating a fully functional website with a booking system.

What is no-code?

No idea what nocode is? No problem. Find out with our beginners guide here!