What is no-code?

So what even is 'nocode'?

I'm going to explain this from my point of view, as someone that is reasonably new to the scene. Nocode (or no-code) is the name for a movement of new tools that are becoming increasingly more popular and available online. These tools often come in the form of websites (so based entirely in your browser, as opposed to downloaded software such as Photoshop and the like) and allow you to design and build your own websites and apps - without code.

As people often say surrounding the name of the movement 'nocode', while catchy, it is unfortunate that it's essentially a negative. Yes, being able to be a web developer without knowing how to code is great, and the accessibility of it is what's so fantastic about the movement, but all of the nocode tools, were of course created with actual code. While the community continues to try and re-brand the name into a positive (Kieran and I have tried this ourselves, initially opting for 'careers without code' and a few others), it would seem as though 'nocode' is here to stay.

It is a game-changer in terms of the online world. It means that people no longer need to know how to code or be incredibly proficient programmers to be able to create content. The many tools out there are often designed in a simple and user friendly drag and drop interface, with style sheets and simple rich text editors. Many tools also work intuitively with other familiar tools such as Google sheets.

The idea is - for me at least - that you or your company, whatever project you're working on, will no longer have to pay thousands of pounds to a developer that is perhaps based in a different timezone. it will no longer take several hours of email contact before making a simple change to your website. You are fully equipped to design and manage your own website or app, in your own style, as and when you want.

If you can use a computer, you can use nocode - and that's the beauty of it. Whether you're using nocode to help your company or your local community, or even just for a bit of fun - the only limit is your imagination.