What is no-code?

In the beginning there was code.

It could do magical things, and was generally found to be very useful.

The problem was, less 0.5% of the world can write code.

This meant things happened slower and cost more than they should.

And often, things didn't happen at all.

Over time, coders used their skills to make tools to make their job easier.

And eventually, they started making tools that were so easy to use, you didn't actually need to be able write code to use them.

These are called no-code tools.

No-code tools make it possible for non-coders to do things previously only coders could do.

Things like building apps for web and mobile, automating tasks, or even making computer games.

All without writing a line of code.

No-code is the democratisation of technology.

Consider yourself empowered.

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